Grand Ensembles 

The idea behind this book is three things. One, what are you good at. Two, what is something new to you? Three, what is something you want to find more about. I’m good at making books, sewing is new to me, and “failed architecture” is something I want to learn about. I was in Paris and I wanted to learn more about architecture. From then on, I wanted to learn more about failed architecture. I did some research and discovered grand ensembles meant to provide adequate housing for the working class. They became struck with poverty and crime. Then they began to be demolished. Ending their purpose, and considered a failure.

This book includes an interview and pictures by Laurent Kronental. He captures the beauty of grand ensembles. On one page I introduce the question, followed by the  answer on the next page. Lastly, the images are shown, with sewing in them. As a way to make the viewer look closer. I decided to make the book smaller, to feel more intimate as the viewer is looking at the images.

© Irene Hernandez