Learning Totonaco

 “El Nacimiento de un Pollo” “Taxtumacol xa Skata Pullu”
By lrene Hernandez 
Spring 2019

Within Mexico, there are about 68 dialects, however, there are only 10 dialects that are widely spoken. Many dialects, personalized by region, are endangered or extinction. My family speaks both Totonac and Spanish, and I’m interested in keeping their unique history alive.

Unfortunately, Totonac is slowly leached out of most younger generations as Spanish becomes the dominant language. Because most new generations prefer Spanish to Totonac, it is a problem that affects all the families that have roots to the Totonac dialect. Having a passion for languages, as it allows us to connect to multiple cultures, and knowing that it affects me, it is important not to forget our past.

The book explores the life cycle of a chicken. You have the ability to create the pop-up book. It can be personalized with color of your choosing. The pages include text blocks that allow the user to write their own story. The video is about a little chick named Inquito that learns a valuable lesson about staying with his family.

“Skata Pullu chu Guaya” “El Pollito y el Gavilán”
By lrene Hernandez
Spring 2019

I decided to use stop-motion to create this video. I decided to use play-doh to attract kids. In the video you will hear a voice over that is speaking the dialect, and the captions are in Spanish. As a language learner it is a tool that is used when you are learning a new language. My aunt Guadalupe wrote this chick story and she is the woman reading it.

With these tools I hope families can come together to learn about Totonac and their culture.

© Irene Hernandez