Symbols Magazine

This project is based on symbols and how they have different original meanings.

The first Issue is about the Swastika. In western culture the Swastika is hated, referring to the Nazis, but in other cultures, it is seen as peace. The magazine contains articles about the Swastika and how it is seen in different cultures. The images are printed in a salmon paper so they are not seen as dangerous and given a chance to be looked at. The paragraphs change in four different corners referring to the Swastika. The cover is “scribbles” as everything begins with a scribble. Someone had to make that symbol.

The second Issue is about the Peace symbol. It is used everywhere. The peace symbol was intended to be a logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. I think the original intention is ironic to what it represents today. This magazine is intended to show how it evolved over time to the symbol we know today. I decided to make it the layout horizontal to represent how we use the symbol today. The cover is a continuation of the first cover. This time it’s more of an explosion to represent the intention of the logo for nuclear disarmament.

© Irene Hernandez